do maine coon cats shed

Do Maine Coon cats shed? Yes, they do! Maine Coons are a Pedigree cat that is native to America that originated in the state of Maine. With a thick coat of fur, fancy ear furnishings, and tufts of fur on each of their four paws, they are sure to shed.

Basically, the same way humans shed hundreds of hairs every day, so does your cat. Shedding is the natural process for your cat to get rid of dead hair.

If you are owned by a Maine Coon cat, then you’ve likely experienced tumbleweeds of silky hair bouncing about your home. Forget wearing black pants, or black shirts if you own a white Maine Coon! Just go ahead and invest in a lifetime supply of lint rollers.

Maine Coon Shedding

Maine Coons have different fur coat types. Some are silky and smooth, and some are very dense and greasy. There are several genetic variances for which type of cat your Maine Coon has. This may or may not play a role in how much shedding your cat does.

Although there are different fur types, Maine Coon shedding is something that you’ll experience from every one of them. The amount of grooming that the cat does himself and that you do for him does help with shedding. If you observe your Maine Coon giving himself a bath, you’ll see him removing loose hair with his tongue, chewing it up, and swallowing it.

You will most definitely see this hair again soon in the form of a hairball.

Do Maine Coons Shed a lot?

do maine coon cats shed a lot

The amount of shedding will vary depending on the amount of grooming that the cat received, both from itself and from its owner. If you spend time brushing your cat a few times per week, this will help reduce the amount of shedding in your home. This practice also reduces the number of hairball gifts that your cat is able to give you.

Some Maine Coons will shed more in the summer, or just shed more than one of its siblings. It isn’t uncommon to see your Maine Coon shed its coat and its beautiful mane in the summer months. It will typically return in the winter. This is the natural process of protecting itself from cold weather temperatures.

How to Reduce Shedding in your Maine Coon

Eliminating shedding fur is impossible with any cat. However, there are things you can do to help reduce the amount of shedding on a regular basis.


Maine Coons have beautiful, long coats of fur. Spend time brushing your cat to remove dead or loose hair. If you’re unable to do this on a daily basis, be sure to do it at least once or twice per week to keep their coats healthy and gorgeous.

Purchase some grooming spray for your cat. This leave-in-conditioner will help detangle the coat and make hair brushing time enjoyable for you and your Maine Coon. Using grooming spray will also help reduce the occurrences of Maine Coon fur matting.

Start grooming your Maine Coon kittens early, so they don’t run away or bite you when they see the brush coming.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential for a healthy coat of hair. Choose foods that have good amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. You’ll notice a difference and see shiny, healthy coats.

Don’t beat yourself up about what to feed your Maine Coon. If your cat is a healthy weight, is in good condition, and has a healthy coat then your food choice is a good one!

We do have recommendations, but this is only based on what we feed our Maine Coons. Your cat may have different dietary needs. 😉

Deshedding Gloves

In between brushings, use a de-shedding glove to remove any loose hair from your Maine Coon. These gloves are easy to use! Just put it on your hand and pet your cat. You’re killing two birds with one stone.

Deshedding gloves are also useful for removing fur from cat trees and furniture. I use them every weekend while I’m cleaning the house to collect all of the furs that the kitties have left me during their naps. It also works great on carpet, bedspreads, throw rugs, curtains, etc. Pretty much anywhere hair gets stuck, these gloves will take it off.

Some of the best Maine Coon grooming tips are those that make the experience enjoyable for you and your Coonie!

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