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Sassy Koonz Specializes in European Maine Coons

American vs. European Maine Coons

Upon becoming a breeder of Maine Coons, you have to decide what “look” you’re going to breed, and pursue that look.  What lines you want to extend, and which Pedigrees appeal the most to you. This is where you may start your search for your breeding cats.  Once you begin your search, you may find some variances in the way the Coonies look.

While all Maine Coons are known for their large size, big bone structures, shaggy coats, and long tails, there’s indeed a unique look that each cattery adopts into their program.  And this comes from the lines that are being used to breed the kittens.

For my breeding program, I’ve chosen to adopt and develop the European lines of Maine Coons. The Europeans have a more “feral” or “wild” look about them, while Americans look a little softer.  You may also see taller ears, bigger ear tufts (lynx tips) and extra long, bushy tails in the European lines.   High cheekbones and big, square muzzles are another distinct difference in the European lines of Maine Coons.

At first, you may not notice that one Coonie looks different from the next, but once you start observing the fine details of this magnificent breed, you’ll soon be able to spot a European Maine Coon.

Below you’ll see a few examples of European Maine Coons.

Sassy Koonz specializes and focuses on 100% European Maine Coons

This means that every cat that is selected for the breeding program will have European blood lines, and that very majestic European look that you love.  Most, if not all of the parents will be imported from Europe, or be offspring from our European parents. If that’s the look that you love in a Maine Coon, be sure to get added to our kitten announcement list, and be the first to know when European Maine Coon kittens are available. Or, if you prefer, you can learn How to Import your own Maine Coon Kitten from Europe.

Do you think European Maine Coons are drop dead gorgeous? Have a peek at some of our Caturday pics.

If you really love the look of European Maine Coons, but don’t have the patience to wait on one of our kittens, then you could always import your own. Learn how to import a Maine Coon from Europe

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6 thoughts on “Sassy Koonz Specializes in European Maine Coons”

  1. michele milner

    all maine coons are gorgeous, but there is something so regal about the european coons.

  2. Jo Beth Braddy

    Hello, when your breeding cats get older and you have them spade or neutered, I was wondering do you offer
    older cats for adoption?

    1. Yes absolutely!!! If you’re interested in a retiree just fill out the guardian application and in the “why do you want a sassy Koonz kitten” section leave a note that you’re looking for a retiree. 🙂

    1. Coming soon!! Be sure to get on my Approved Guardians list by filling out the application. You’ll be one of the first to get notifications when kittens arrive.

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