blue smoke tortie maine coon kitten for sale

Blue Jean

  • COLOR: Blue Smoke Tortie Maine Coon
  • GENDER: Female
  • GO HOME DATE: Can go home between July 2 – July 5, 2022
  • BIRTHDATE: March 9, 2022
  • Parents: Blanche and Beastie
  • Name Origin: Kid Rock Song “Blue Jeans and a Rosary”

Blue Jean is the first blue smoke tortie Maine Coon born to my cattery. We actually don’t see very many blue smoke torties grace our presence.

If you’re interested in Blue Jean, then you’ll want to review my Maine Coon Adoption process. There is a specific process that is required for all Sassy Koonz Kittens.

BLUE JEAN’s Personality Assessment

This assessment is provided to you to assist in the decision-making process of Blue Jean. This Assessment was taken on June 29, 2022

  1. Does the cat enjoy being held/cuddled? Yes. She’s calm, cool, and collected. Quiet little kitten.
  2. Does the cat enjoy being brushed? Yes
  3. Is the cat social with other cats? Yes. She can be a wallflower sometimes, watching what others are doing from the sideline but she does love to be around other cats.
  4. Is the cat social with people? She’s not afraid of people, but she’s also not the type to approach and ask for pets.
  5. How confident is the cat? She’s relatively confident. Not scared or shy but not “in your face” type wither.
  6. Does the cat approach me when I enter the cattery? No
  7. Does the cat approach strangers when they enter the nursery? No
  8. Does the cat climb into my lap and relax? No. but she will come hang around to see what’s going on.
  9. Is the cat more social or more or a loner? Social with cats. But also likes her space.
  10. Is this an alpha cat? No.
  11. Energy Level: Low-Medium
  12. Bad Habits: None