cat trees for large cats

Maine Coons are a large breed of domestic cats and require sturdy and spacious cat trees to accommodate their size and weight. For several years they’ll use the trees to climb, run, jump and rebound from.

As your Maine Coon cat gets larger and heavier, the cat tree may wobble and lose some of its integrity. Some of the cat trees aren’t made with solid materials. You may replace your Maine Coon’s cat tree after about nine months if you don’t buy one that is built tough.

Here are five options that may be suitable for your Maine Coon:

Cozy Maine Coon Cat Tree

Pet Pals Cozy Cat Tree: This is an elegant and sophisticated cat tree for your Maine Coon Kittens and your adults. The coolest thing about this tree other than its high fashion design, is the extra large basket made for lounging. The typical basket is about 15″, but this one sports a whopping 17.5″ radius! This is a nice tree for your bedroom or family room. The window height is a kitty preference.

maine coon cat tree king
Cat Tree King – Trees for Maine Coons and other XL Cats

Maine Coon Cat Tree King – This is one of my personal favorites when it comes to trees for Maine Coons. They’re designed specifically for Extra Large cats, and they’re built tough. The scratching posts are huge, as are the platforms and the bowls for the cats to sleep in. I love this brand and recommend it to all of our new kitten owners.

maine coon furwood forest cat tree
Custom Made Cat Trees by Furwood Forest

Furwood Forest

Furwood Forest – This is custom-made real wood rustic cat furniture. It’s made out of real trees from the builder’s own backyard. You can choose which high-quality carpet you want on the tree to match your home decor. The trees are extremely heavy and the best product I’ve ever seen for a Maine Coon. Think of it like furniture that will enhance the design of your home and give your Maine Coons a gorgeous tree to climb and relax on. It’s pretty impressive.

It’s important to note that it’s always a good idea to measure the space where you plan to place the cat tree and ensure it will fit comfortably before making a purchase. Your Maine Coon will like to hang out in the same rooms with you. More than one tree is never a bad thing for your kitties.

If your buying a tree for a Maine Coon kitten, read this article about kitten proofing your home which includes info about tall cat trees.

As owners of Maine Coons, we always want the highest quality items for our cats. If you like recommendations, you can also check out our Amazon Store and an article we wrote about choosing the best litter box for your Coonie.

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