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The Black Maine Coon is also referred to as “solid black“. Their shiny sleek coat resembles that of a black panther. Many people refer to them as mini panthers. As one of the most rising in popularity colors of a Maine Coon, they’re not easy to find!

Many cultures believe that black Maine Coons are good luck. In Scotland and Japan, black cats represent prosperity. Contrarily, others claim that having a black Maine Coon is bad luck, that is far from the truth. Some of the sweetest gentle giants I’ve ever met are solid black cats. Sassy Koonz has had one black female in the breeding program, (America), and is currently hoping to add another one very soon.

Can Maine Coons be black?

In order to get a black Maine Coon, a magical arrangement of genetics must occur. This list may throw some people for a loop, but here are the scenarios in which a black Maine Coon kitten can grace your cattery.

  1. Both parents are solid black Maine Coons.
  2. Both parents are black tabby, and both carry the non-agouti gene.
  3. One parent is a black tabby (carrying the non-agouti gene), and mates with a black solid coat pattern, or one that carries the non-agouti gene.
  4. The Queen is a tortie and mates with a male that has a solid coat pattern or carries the non-agouti gene. This can always result in black Maine Coon males.
  5. One parent is black, and one parent is blue.

If all of those terms confused you, don’t feel alone. It was a quick glimpse into how genetics work when producing certain colors in a Maine Coon. Genetics is fascinating, and when you have a basic understanding of how they work, then things become very clear. Black Maine Coons are produced by pure genetics.

Are black Maine Coon cats rare?

The black Maine Coon cat is not as popular as some of the other Maine Coon colors and patterns. There seems to be more of a desire for tabbies and black smoke kittens. It does require the perfect combination of genetics to achieve this color. Many breeders are more interested in a “rainbow” of colors, so solid black doesn’t present often.

The most perfect of black Maine Coons will show no ghost pattern and no variation of color. They will be completely and entirely solid black.

The popularity of a black Maine Coon is rising. The more exposure that people get to this exquisite creature, the more appreciation is felt. They are still the most gentle, social, and loving cats on the planet.

It seems that the Maine Coon color popularity changes often. In 2018, it seemed that everyone was looking for a black smoke Maine Coon. It was very hard to find one, as they’d be reserved before they were ever born. I think that this color was made popular by “Vivo”, the very internet famous Maine Coon.

Shortly after, a new trend came along and black silver shaded Maine Coons became all the hype. So many breeders were acquiring and producing this color. This seemed to be more of a trend amongst the Maine Coon breeders than the people looking for a pet.

Watch this Video With Awesome Images of Maine Coons

The 5-minute video below was produced by Robert Sijka, one of the most famous Maine Coon photographers in the world. If you’ve ever searched for a “black Maine Coon”, you’ve most certainly discovered his art. Feast your eyes on this video and then have every reason to love these cats! You’ll be in a trance in no time.

Imagine a 25-pound sleek, sexy black cat prancing through your home. His eyes are a strikingly brilliant copper color that glows in the sunlight. The glorious coat is pristine and glossy, just like that of a wild cat. Beautiful ears are tall with long lynx tips that blow in the wind.

Equally important, as he lounges around on his massively sized cat tree, he resembles one of the most majestic animals on our planet, the black panther. But he approaches his human with dignity and grace. He’s purring like a motorboat and flops down on the sofa next to you. You take a selfie and post it on social media. The crowd goes wild. 1,000,000 likes and shares in 2 days. They’ve never seen such a cat!

What color eyes do black Maine Coons have?

The color of a Maine Coon’s eyes also relies on genetics. They typically inherit the eye color of one of their parents. Most often, you’ll see eye colors of green or copper, but these can also have varying shades (yellow, emerald, etc).

catsvill county america
RETIRED QUEEN: Catsvill County America

Why did your cat’s black coat turn reddish-brown?

“Rusting” is a condition where the black coat turns red or reddish-brown. The red color looks like the coat is bleached from the sun. However, healthy coats do not bleach from the sun.

  • A black coat is produced by a pigment called melanin.
  • Melanin is found in higher concentrations in black-coated animals than in other color coats.
  • Tyrosine is an amino acid necessary for melanin.

The current recommended feline dietary concentration is 4.5 g tyrosine for optimal growth. However, experiments show that these levels were not sufficient to maintain a black coat. At least 18 g is recommended for the prevention of visually discernible red hair in black-coated cats.

Therefore, if your black cat is eating a diet with less than 18g of tyrosine, the coat may turn reddish. Increasing the protein in your cat’s diet will help rejuvenate the coat back to a nice glossy black.

*(Always consult with your veterinarian before changing your cats’ diet or adding any supplements).

Photos of Black Maine Coons

Below are some photos of the Kittens that have been produced at Sassy Koonz Maine Coon cattery.

How Much is a Black Maine Coon Kitten?

The cost of Maine Coon kittens is rising. You can expect to pay between $3000 and $4500 for your new kitten. Depending on the breeder, this could include a nice welcome home package that accompanies your new baby.

A fun fact: Researchers at the National Institutes of Health discovered that the genetic mutations that cause cats to have black coats may offer them some protection from diseases. In fact, the mutations affect the same genes that offer HIV resistance to humans! This fact alone may be a wonderful validation point for you to own one of your own.

The Black Cat Superstition

13 percent of American people have the black cat superstition. They are often seen as being spooky or scary, which is why they have become a Halloween icon. Maybe you’re even a little bit superstitious yourself. Both good and bad luck can be categorized under superstition. Let’s explore behind this superstition after I introduce you to my solid black Maine Coon beauty.

One of my favorite and most elegant of all colors of Maine Coons is the solid black! We have a Solid Black Maine Coon Queen named America (shes now retired). When married to one of our Maine Coon Studs, she can produce solid black and black smoke kittens.

These are certainly some of the most beautiful Maine Coon kittens you’ll ever see with your eyeballs.

black maine coon

When I embarked on my journey as a Maine Coon Breeder, I didn’t quite have a focus on which colors I’d like to produce. The more I studied and researched genetics over my first year, I realized that I wanted to focus on producing CERTAIN colors instead of “every color in the rainbow”.

Sassy Koonz has Solid Black Maine Coons

By choosing top-quality breeding cats that have splendid coats and patterns in the colors that I wish to produce, I can really perfect the color and coats that come out of my cattery. For example, if my goal is to produce very beautiful black smoke kittens, then my best choice for a breeding pair is a male and a female with beautiful coats in that color.

One of my choices for color perfection in my cattery will be Solid Black Maine Coons. They are so strikingly beautiful, especially with a true shiny solid black coat. They’re sleek and sexy. This solid black girl of mine has quite the personality!

If you’re looking specifically for a solid black Maine Coon kitten, then Sassy Koonz will be the breeder for you! Alot of other people tend to stay away from solid blacks due to the nonsense of black cat superstition. Let’s learn more about how the black cats got a bad rap.

The Story Behind Black Cat Superstition

If you’re enthralled by the black cat superstition, and you’re not sure why, then this article will educate you on where the myth began. Then you can finally rid yourself of those silly thoughts and appreciate the glorious beauty of a solid black cat.

Well, where did this all begin anyway? There are a few main myths about the black cat superstition, which have contributed to their overall unpopularity.

One of the reasons that black cats may be linked to evil began in the Middle Ages. This is partially because cats tend to roam or wander at night because they are nocturnal. This was believed to be a sign that black cats were servants of witches. Some people believed that black cats were witches themselves.

In Italy in the 16th-century, it was believed that, if a black cat laid in a sick person’s bed, the person would die. Wow that’s certainly one heck of a theory.

Over in Yorkshire, England, it’s bad luck to have a black cat cross your path. In North America, the same is believed. It is also seen as good luck if a white cat crosses your path. If you see a black cat from behind you, it can be a sign of a bad omen.

Please Keep Your Black Cats Safe on Halloween Night

Black cats may also be associated with witchcraft or satanic rituals. People view black cats as being witches’ best friends. Throughout the Middle Ages, it was thought that black cats were a witches incarnate. This is why they have become such a prominent Halloween symbol.

In the past, Christians have been suspicious of anything that was potentially linked to Satan. Black cats were seen this way. If someone was caught with a black cat, they would be punished or killed. In some parts of Europe, this led to “satanic” cats being burned at bonfires.

Another issue is that people tend to play pranks around Halloween. Feral, stray, or outdoor black cats can be the victims of torture or abuse for this reason. This is a perfect reason to keep your beautiful cats indoors at all times.

Some people may also adopt black cats just to use for Halloween pictures and costumes. They may then return the cat to the shelter or simply dump them on the side of the road. For this reason, some shelters refuse to adopt black cats out during October.

Black Cats Are Good Luck to Some

Did you know that some people actually see black cats as good luck instead of bad luck? Now, this is not necessarily true in the United States, but it is elsewhere. In other countries, they see solid black cats as being good luck charms. Solid black cats are sought after so that their owners or anywhere around can receive good luck.

In Yorkshire, England, it’s good luck to own a black cat. In some places, it’s lucky to dream of a black cat. It shows that you are believing in your intuition. It’s also good luck to find a white hair on a black cat. If a black cat arrives on your porch, it brings you prosperity.

In the past, sailors who were looking for a ship’s cat would look for a black cat. This is because black cats would bring them good luck on their travels. Fishermen’s wives had a similar practice by keeping black cats in their homes while their husbands were away. This was thought to protect the fishermen.

Solid Black Cats Improve Your Love Life [So They Say!]

Black Maine Coons are known to improve one’s love life. In Japan, women with black cats may have more suitors. In Great Britain, a black cat is a wedding gift, which brings happiness to the couple.

Black cats are just as stunning as any other cats that you may see. Take a moment to admire their unique looks. Did you know that their gorgeous coats can help to protect them from diseases? This is because of the genetic mutations of their coloring. These strengthened immune systems often lead to black cats living longer.

The color black symbolizes silence, fidelity, and elegance. Black cats are playful and affectionate. They can be calm and shy until they warm up to new people. They bond with their owners end usually enjoy sleeping with their owners too. Many cultures celebrate panthers for their magical spirit and black cats are distant relatives of the panther.

Sassy Koonz does NOT believe in the black cat superstition! No WAY! In fact it’s quite the opposite. We love the solid black Maine Coons so much that we plan on breeding them as a regular part of our program and working to perfect the beautiful elegant look of the solid black Maine Coon.

Are you interested in having an elegant Black Maine Coon tromp around your home and bring you good luck and exciting love life?

Are you in Love Yet?

If you’re in love with this awesome kitty and want one to call your own, then Sassy Koonz is the cattery to watch! Just complete the Maine Coon Kitten Application and be notified when a kitten becomes available. Finally, you can imagine yourself owning a truly unique and exotic fantasy cat of your dreams! Start that Instagram account and start posting amazing photos that everyone will love of YOUR satiny black Maine Coon baby. <3

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