black maine coon

Black Maine Coon

The Black Maine Coon is also referred to as “solid black“. Their shiny sleek coat resembles that of a black panther. Many people refer to them online as mini panthers.

There’s so much to be said about the black Maine Coon. As one of the most sought-after colors of a Maine Coon, they’re not easy to find! Maybe it’s because they’re associated with the “black cats are bad luck” superstition. The farthest thing from the truth is that these beauties are bad luck.

Can Maine Coons be black?

In order to get a black Maine Coon, a magical arrangement of genetics must occur. This list may throw some people for a loop, but here are the scenarios in which a black Maine Coon kitten can grace your cattery.

  1. Both parents are solid black Maine Coons.
  2. Both parents are black tabby, and both carry the non-agouti gene.
  3. One parent is a black tabby (carrying non-agouti gene), and mates with a black solid coat pattern, or one that carries the non-agouti gene.
  4. The Queen is a tortie and mates with a male that has a solid coat pattern, or carries the non-agouti gene. This can always result in black Maine Coon males.
  5. One parent is black, and one parent is blue.

Are black Maine Coon cats rare?

This color is not as popular as some of the other Maine Coon colors and patterns. There seems to be more of a desire for tabbies and black smoke kittens. Those who adore solid black Maine Coon kittens are in a class of their own. <3

How popular are black Maine Coons?

The popularity of a black Maine Coon is rising. The more exposure that people get to this exquisite creature, the more appreciation is felt. They are still the most gentle, social and loving cats on the planet.

Imagine a 25 pound sleek, sexy black cat prancing through your home. His eyes are a strikingly brilliant copper color that glows in the sunlight. The glorious coat is pristine and glossy, just like that of a wild cat. Beautiful ears are tall with long lynx tips that blow in the wind.

As he lounges around on his massively sized cat tree, he resembles one of the most majestic animals on our planet, the black panther. But he approaches his human with dignity and grace. He’s purring like a motorboat and flops down on the sofa next to you. You take a selfie and post it on social media. The crowd goes wild. 1,000,000 likes and shares in 2 days. They’ve never seen such a cat!

That’s how popular they are!

What color eyes do black Maine Coons have?

They can have green, copper, or yellow eyes.

catsvill county america
QUEEN: Catsvill County’s America [RETIRED]

Why did your cat’s black coat turn reddish brown?

“Rusting” is a condition where the black coat turns red or reddish-brown. The red color looks like the coat is bleached from the sun. However, healthy coats do not bleach from the sun.

  • Black coat is produced by a pigment called melanin.
  • Melanin is found in higher concentrations in black-coated animals than other color coats.
  • Tyrosine is an amino acid necessary for melanin.

The current recommended feline dietary concentration is 4.5 g tyrosine for optimal growth. However, experiments show that these levels were not sufficient to maintain a black coat. At least 18 g is recommended for the prevention of visually discernible red hair in black-coated cats.

Therefore, if your black cat is eating a diet with less than 18g of tyrosine, the coat may turn reddish. Increasing the protein in your cat’s diet will help rejuvenate the coat back to a nice glossy black.

*(Always consult with your veterinarian before changing your cats’ diet or adding any supplements).

Photos of Black Maine Coons

Below are some photos of the Kittens that have been produced at Sassy Koonz Maine Coon cattery.

Are you in Love Yet?

If you’re in love with this awesome kitty and want one to call your own, then Sassy Koonz is the cattery to watch! Just complete the Application and be notified when a kitten becomes available. You can also check our Maine Coon Kittens for Sale to see if any black Maine Coon Kittens are available.

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