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Kit Coon’s Lilly’Anne

Kit Coon’s Lilly’Anne is an exquisite Black Torite White [some people may call her a calico]. She has an extraordinarily tender soul. Just as sweet as she can be with a tiny little meow. She’s my girlfriend {thats what I tell her}. I love the temperament on this beautiful girl.

Origin: Germany
Gender: Female
DOB: December 26, 2019
Color: (f 03)  Black Tortie White

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Kit Coon’s Lilly’Anne will be mated with Black Blood Bullar “Illuminati” in September 2019 [for November 2019 Babies][. If you’re in love with Lilly’Anne and want a chance to adopt one of her kittens, then Review the Sassy Koonz Adoption Process and become an Approved Guardian today. Here are the possible colors:


  • Black (n)
  • Black smoke (ns)
  • Red tabby (d 22)
  • Red silver tabby (ds 22)
  • Blue (a)
  • Blue smoke (as)
  • Creme tabby (e 22)
  • Creme silver tabby (es 22)


  • Black (n)
  • Black smoke (ns)
  • Black tortie (f)
  • Black tortie smoke (fs)
  • Blue (a)
  • Blue smoke (as)
  • Blue tortie (g)
  • Blue tortie smoke (gs)

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