Slash and November Rain

We discovered Sassy Koonz during our search online for a reputable, ethical Florida Maine Coon Breeder. Sassy Koonz checked all the boxes and more. TICA certified – check! Beautiful European Maine coons w/ the cutest muzzles (there’s a difference y’all!) – check!

But beyond checking boxes, we got totally hooked on the Sassy Koonz Facebook & Instagram profiles and “cast of characters” as we like to call them — the pets, queens and sires of Sassy Koonz. Biggie! Chi-chi! Beastie! Natalie! The cats are the stars.

The more we researched and read, the more fun we were having and the more we fell in love with Tracy’s cats! The Sassy Koonz website is the most comprehensive guide to Maine coons we came across. It goes way beyond a brochure for a cattery. It’s an excellent resource guide for Maine coon owners. Through reading the website, it was evident that Sassy Koonz is a passion project for Tracy, and we decided if we had the opportunity, we would prefer to adopt from Sassy Koonz even if it meant waiting a long time. Well, the day came — and believe it or not, our kittens actually ended up sharing the SAME BIRTHDAY as Christy! What a special story to get to share!

Now having adopted our two sibling kittens, we highly recommend Sassy Koonz. Tracy’s communication was outstanding throughout the entire process, from vet visits to documentation to tons of very high-quality photos. Think of it like this, your kittens are going to etiquette school for their first ~10 weeks at SK — our kittens are so well socialized and sweet. We later learned that Sassy Koonz is even sought out from those on the west coast. We feel very blessed to have adopted our Fig & Roux and to know Tracy! Thank you!