My decision to have a black smoke Maine Coon kitten in my breeding program has never faltered.  There’s just something so deep and royal about black Maine Coons that have me squealing with excitement over our latest addition to the Sassy Koonz family.

His official Pedigree name is Black Blood Bullar, but we call him “Illuminati”. He is 100% European Maine Coon, with every wonderful feature that you can expect.  While at the time of this blog post, he’s just four months old, there’s so much to love about him already. He has big strong bones that are dense and heavy. He has tall ears that are nicely set on top of his head, not more than one ear width apart. His lynx tips aren’t over the top, instead the perfect amount to give him that wonderful icing. When he flexes his paws, they’re enormous!  Almost reminds me of a duck. The look of his face is so striking, with high cheekbones and beautiful round mesmerizing orange eyes. Illuminati has long white whiskers that are simply beautiful. They tickle your cheek when he’s giving you a head bump.

His body is long and lean, just as a Maine Coon should be. His coat is such a rich luxurious shade of black, with an undercoat of silver, which makes him a black smoke Maine Coon Kitten. In addition, he has some white markings on his chest (like that of a tuxedo), white boots, white chin and some white underbelly.  Every time a photo of a Maine Coon Kitten stops me in my tracks, it usually has some white on it. For that reason, I chose a male that also has white. This will give the offspring a chance to have (or not have) white markings on them as well).

Personality of Illuminati

Illuminati, our black smoke maine coon kitten with white markings was imported from Russia.  It’s no secret that it’s a long train ride from Europe.  He did absolutely fantastic!

When he arrived and got into the car, he was immediately let out of the carrier to stretch his legs. He was purring and rubbing all over me and Dan.  He was just so happy to see us, and has been a total lovebug ever since.  His temperament is calm, relaxed and super laid back – even as a kitten! His breeder kept him and his littermates in her home, and she even slept with him.

Why a Black Smoke Maine Coon Though?

After much thought as to where I want the Sassy Koonz Breeding program to go, I decided that a Black Smoke (with some white) would be the perfect boy to make things happen. My goal is to focus on all variations of black kittens to include: solid black, black smoke, black and white, black smoke and white, black tortie, black smoke tortie, calicos, black classic tabbies and black silver tabbies. These are just a few of the gorgeous Maine Coon colors and patterns.

Since the boy is the staple to every Maine Coon breeder’s cattery, having a black smoke Maine Coon stud will help me accomplish my goal of specializing in the black color of kittens.  This makes me super excited! Illuminati is situated nice and comfortable in his own studly space in the Sassy Koonz Cattery. Click here to take a virtual tour of the Sassy Koonz Cattery. We don’t allow any of our cats outside, but he does enjoy lots of space both in his luxury apartment and his outdoor enclosure.

When paired with my Queens (which all are black or carry a variation of black) they procreate some of the most wonderful kittens in the United States!

Below is an updated photo of Illuminati.

black smoke Maine Coon

To see more photos of Illuminati, our black smoke Maine Coon, along with his DNA test results visit our Male Maine Coon page.

If you LOVE Illuminati and are interested in one of his Maine Coon Kitten offspring, then check our Maine Coon Kittens for Sale or get on our Kitten Announcement list.

Black Smoke Maine Coon Kitten

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  1. Thank you for bringing in a Tuxedo kitty. My first cat ever was a Tuxedo maine coon. He was the bestest cat ever.

    When do you plan on having your Tuxedo become a parent? How much would their offspring be?
    Thank you
    Dr. Lorita Mitchell

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