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If you’re thinking of adding a kitten to your home, you’ve probably wondered how to choose a good kitten. There’s so many adorable Maine Coon kittens for sale that it’s hard to make a decision. Only you know what type of stimuli that the kitten, and the kitten becoming an adult cat has to endure. You want to make sure that the kitten has the right personality and temperament to blend well in your home.

The way Maine Coon Adoptions are handled these days, it’s almost impossible to have the luxury of meeting a kitten before you adopt much less getting to know the kitten. In most cases, you’ll merely have to decide by photos that the breeder is posting on social media or sending to you. They may or may not include a narrative about the kitten’s individuality.

In most cases, this works out well and everyone is completely happy with their decision. Sometimes, however, a different kitten may have suited them better. This is where having more insight on the kittens is tremendously helpful.

Matching Maine Coon Kittens with Their New Guardians

Sassy Koonz is adopting a new process to help you choose the right kitten. Effective February 1, 2021, Approved Guardians will now be able to review a personal bio (assessments) on each kitten’s page! Adding this feature will enhance your buying experience with Sassy Koonz, and give you even more of the confidence that you need to help make a decision.

These kitten assessments will certainly not lay down the stones for how the kitten will be once he grows up and matures, but a reflection of how the kitten is at the time I’m observing him. Your kitten will grow and change so much in the first 3 years that it’s quite fascinating. Their temperament will be kitten-like for at least one year, and then you’ll notice some maturity and calmness start to settle in. The individuality of each cat will change over time. The kitten assessment might offer a glimpse into the heart and mind of the Maine Coon kittens that are being raised here at Sassy Koonz.

where to buy a maine coon cat

Keep in mind that at 4 weeks old, they’re still wobbly on their feet and have just started to gain some independence by leaving the nest. This is a good time for me to start observing so that you can make a more informed decision. At 8 weeks I’ll start the documentation process on their web pages.

The first kitten assessment will be done at 8 weeks old. By this age, I can really see some differences in the kittens. These assessments will help you choose a good kitten for you. Noone knows the kittens better than I do. You’ll get some first-hand insight. <3

how to choose a good kitten

Maine Coon Kitten Personality Assessments

These are the areas in which I’ll be assessing each kitten and reporting on their respective pages:

  1. How does the kitten respond to dogs?
  2. How does the kitten respond to cats that they’ve never met?
  3. Does the kitten enjoy being held/cuddled?
  4. How confident is the kitten?
  5. is the kitten afraid of loud noises?
  6. Does the kitten approach me when I enter the nursery?
  7. Does the kitten climb into my lap and relax?
  8. Is the kitten more social or more or a loner?

The Perfect Maine Coon Kitten Is Just a Few Clicks Away

To use the word “perfect” when speaking about anything in this world is a bit ridiculous. There’s nothing that is perfect. Only what we perceive as perfect can be.

My goal is to provide you with an experience that is unlike any other Maine Coon Breeder anywhere in the United States, and provide you with details that no one else is willing or able to do. You will know more about how to choose a kitten. I’m confident that the kitten personality assessment will help you make the right decision when you’re looking for your Maine Coon kitten, and help you get to know the kitten long before it ever arrives at your home. We will also provide this assessment if you’d like to adopt a Retired Maine Coon.

Here’s some insight on if you should choose male or female Maine Coon.

Where to Buy a Maine Coon Cat

If you’re thinking about adding one of these amazing giant cats to your family, you’re probably wondering where to buy a Maine Coon cat. There are plenty of Maine Coon Breeders in the United States and all over the world. Once you start doing your research it may even feel overwhelming.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a Maine Coon breeder to buy a Maine Coon Cat from is how they prioritize the health of their cats in their breeding program. The most reputable Maine Coon breeders will do the proper genetic testing before using any cat for reproduction. In addition, they will monitor the health and condition of their cats and retire any that have conditions that could be passed down to their young.

Here’s how to tell if you’re getting a healthy Maine Coon kitten.

where to buy a Maine Coon cat
Pictured is a litter of Maine Coon Kittens from Big Hannibal Tiffany and Country Gulliver Headhunter

When researching where to buy a Maine Coon cat, take your time and observe the breeders through their social media accounts. See how they interact with their followers. More importantly, check their reviews to see if their customers and kittens owners are happy. Links to all of our social media accounts are listed below. You’re invited to follow us and watch how we handle our kittens. Once you feel comfortable with us as your chosen Maine Coon Breeder, it’s time to complete our Maine Coon adoption application!

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