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The Orange Maine Coon Cat is always a crowd-pleaser and known to be one of the cuddliest Maine Coons of all. It’s just one of the many Maine Coon colors. There’s just something about this rich color that makes everyone drool over them. They are in fact one of my favorite colors of the Maine Coon cat. Let’s explore some interesting facts about the orange Maine Coon.

Fun Fact: The technical color of the “orange Maine Coon” is RED

Another Nickname for a Red Maine Coon is a “Ginger” or a “Marmalade”
This article will use red and orange Maine Coon interchangably.

Basically, when it comes to cat colors, cats are black unless they have inherited the sex-linked orange masking gene, in which case, they are red. The multitude of colors and patterns comes from different genes and polygenes. These create colors like blues, creams, torties, calicos and bi-colors.

The red color is carried on the X chromosome. Males carry on one copy of the X chromosome. Females carry two copies. Therefore, males can either be red or black but only in very rare instances can they be both. Females can red, black, OR both (torties).

What is the Personality of a Red Maine Coon Cat?

Each cat is a unique individual, just like humans are. There are some people who will confess that an orange Maine Coon cat has the most social and friendly temperament of all colors.

More important than the color of the fur is the temperament of the kitten’s parents, and the socialization that the kitten receives with people and other animals during its first few months of life.

Are Red Female Maine Coons more Rare than Males?

Up to 80% of all red Maine Coon cats are male. This means that an orange Maine Coon female is truly something to behold. She’s a rarity in her own kind.

In order to produce a red Maine Coon girl, the Queen will need to be either red or be a tortie. (or diluted versions thereof) AND the Sire must also be red.

Orange Maine Coon Kitten

All Maine Coon Kittens are adorable, but baby orange Maine coon kittens are the cutest little things you’ll ever see. They’re born with a brilliant red coat that grows and shines into a lustrous work of art. They have the cutest expressions on their faces, and tend to be very laid back and relaxed.

The red Maine Coon kitten certainly has a fan club. It’s not just orange Maine Coon kittens that get the spotlight. Orange and white Maine Coon kittens also get an equal amount of love.

Full Grown Red Maine Coon

Your red Maine Coon kitten will certainly blossom into a full-grown cat that will be your best friend for life. Maybe he (or she) will love lasagna and hate Mondays, like our friend from the 80’s “Garfield” did.

Might he be quirky? YES! Might he be a giant goofball? YES, indeed!! Will he be the best decision that you’ve ever made for yourself? I THINK SO!

Meet Nacho, the famous Red Maine Coon Cat

Here’s a video about one of the most famous Orange Maine Coons, “Nacho”. The video is very heartwarming, as the story is about how having a cat in your life can make all the difference in the world.

Red Maine Coon Kittens from Sassy Koonz

Enjoy this album below of Sassy Koonz Maine Coon Kittens from previous litters that are red. Note, some will also be red smoke or red silver, which are variations of red with the silver undercoat. This is a very beautiful variation of a red Maine Coon, as well!

orange kitten maine coon



maine coon kittens

Bad Boy


maine coon kittens

I am Legend


maine coon cats for sale in florida

Gingerbread Man


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