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Maine Coon lovers all over the world are constantly on a quest for the cuddliest kitten. That is a kitten or cat who is the most affectionate and will spoil its owner with head butts, loud purrs, biscuit-making activity, and cat-induced human lap rest.

While all of these characteristics sound delightful, it doesn’t fit the mold for every cat, not even a Maine Coon.

Just like people, each cat has a unique personality. They all have different habits and behaviors that make them unique. It’s best to not have any expectations about certain traits that you want them to have. They may end up being the total opposite, but they all want to be loved equally.

are maine coon cats cuddly

What is a Cuddly Maine Coon, anyway?

When you think of a cuddly cat, what do you see?

  • Is he curled up in a perfect circle sitting in the middle of your lap while you read a book by a fire?
  • Is he laying on your pillow while you sleep while purring and making biscuits on your head?
  • Does the cat jump on your desk and pace back and forth with his tail in the air, asking for you to stroke his back and then give you a head bump?
  • Or does the kitty let you pick him up any time you’re feeling sweet, and let you hold him in his arms on his back like a baby?

No matter what your ideal portrayal of a cuddly Maine coon is, the ultimate goal is to know that your cat loves you and wants to share affection. Cats display their love for their humans in many different ways (other than cuddling in your lap).

Watch this video below to see how many of these love languages that your cat uses:

Maine Coon Love Language

The sooner you get to know your cat and decipher your cats’ body language, the sooner your cat will appreciate that and respect you even more. Understanding that “cuddling” isn’t always the cats’ first choice for showing affection. There are plenty of other ways that cats communicate.

  • Slow Blinking – Slow Blinking is cat language for “I like you” or “I trust you”.
  • Your Cat Naps with You – If your Maine Coon naps with you or even near, he trusts you 100% and feels safe.
  • They head bump you
  • Your cat soft meows, chirps, and trills
  • Your cat brings you dead animals (bugs, mice, etc). They only share their prey with someone they trust.
  • They hang out in your space, even if they’re not paying attention to you.
  • Purring in Your Presence
  • An upright or question-mark-shaped tail or tail curled around you when you’re around
  • Your cat follows you around, they like your companionship
  • They lick you – it’s their way of grooming you. It means your family.
  • Your cat shows you their tummy. This isn’t an invitation to rub it, but it does mean they feel comfortable around you.
  • Your cat kneads you or “makes biscuits”

Trust Translates to Love

Safety is the cat’s most important priority. So if your Maine Coon shows signs that he trusts you, then it also means that he loves you.

Yes, there are plenty of Maine Coon cats that are cuddly and big giant lap cats. But this article was to share some facts about other ways that your cat will show you that he loves you other than being a cuddle bug. After all, there are also plenty of humans that aren’t “cuddle bugs”, either.

Give your Maine Coon Cat a big fat kiss on his sweet head and a gentle scratch under the chin to let him know that YOU love HIM today. You can also admire your Maine Coon from one of the best Cat trees for Maine Coon cats.

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