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Maine Coon, is probably one of the most recognizable and popular cat breeds out there. They are one of the oldest and most natural cat breeds from North Eastern America, sporting luxurious semi-long-haired coats and bushy tails. For a cat so large in size, they sure do have the cutest angelic meows and chirps known on earth. This article will certainly enlighten you with some facts about Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coons are native to the state of Maine and have a life span of about 13 years.

We could harp on and on about why these cats are so significant with random facts. However, we are here not to brush over the essential specifics that all Main Coon enthusiasts know. Instead, we’ll dive a little deeper and tell you some interesting facts about this beautiful breed that goes beyond the rudimentary basics.

Over 75 stunning Maine Coon colors

Did you know that the Maine Coon cat variety is available in 85 colors? Yep! You heard right. That’s 75 different colors! They come in almost all patterns and colors. Gather the colors into five categories. You can find the Maine Coons sporting, bi-color, shaded, solid, and tabby patterned. Their fur can change color as they age, depending on various factors.

We can collectively agree that all Maine Coon cats are stunning regardless of all colors and patterns. One of the rarest colors of Maine Coons is the white Maine Coon. The shaded silver Maine Coon is also gorgeous and seems to be a trendy color.

Maine Coons love to sing

For anyone lucky enough to own one of these big and beautiful Maine Coons, you’ll be fully aware of their love to sing us their songs. These vocal cats do meow, but they do not sound quite the same as the typical meow we are used to hearing from other cats.

Cats only meow when communicating with humans, as they tend not to meow to other cats. Just because they don’t make the same meows as other cats in the traditional sense doesn’t mean they aren’t talkative!

Maine Coons are notoriously chatty and have a peaceful nature. They use various cat noises, such as chattering, chirping, howling, and trilling, due to them being more in touch with their wild, non-domesticated natures.

maine coon sitting in the grass
Black Torbie Maine Coon [Female]

Genes for extra toes (aka Polydactyl)

Another fun fact, did you know that Maine Coons have a higher percentage of having extra toes than other cats? Although Polydactylism (when they have extra toes) can be found in all cat breeds, in Maine Coons, around 40% of their population has extra toes, which is due to a genetic mutation that is passed down from a polydactyl cat to its offspring.

This gene is dominant, which means it will override the normal genes. However, this unusual trait does not have any imminent danger. In fact, extra toes help these gentle giants gain better balance and agility. Especially in colder climates, some say that cats with 6 toes have extra help to move on snow due to the larger surface area of their paws. Plus, extra toes mean more of a cat to love!

TuftedMaine Coon Ears – Tufted and Fluffy

All Maine coons have tufted ears.

Doesn’t it just add to their cuteness? Extra fur- called ear tufts, helps keep dirt and debris out of a cat’s ears, just like humans have nose hair to keep small particles getting through. Tufted ears are a giveaway characteristic of a Maine Coon cat, and they can be long or short, often with wispy hairs that pass the edges of their ears. Not only do they look cute, but they also serve the purpose of helping prevent infections or irritations.

maine coon ears with tufts
Maine Coon Ears with Tufts

Built-in raincoat

If you are a Maine Coon owner, you may have noticed that your cat LOVES water. These gentle giants are fascinated by it, and you may find yours dipping its paws in the sink or bath. They tend to be far more tolerant of being wet than the other cat breeds.

Did you know that Maine Coons have water-resistant fur?

Their fur is naturally resistant to water, allowing them to swim efficiently and better handle the colder weather and frigid temperatures. This valuable trait may have come from their possible ties to the Siberian Forest cat, meaning withstanding colder climates was a must.

These guys can learn to turn the faucet on

As you already know, these guys love water, and you may find them splashing in their own water bowl. After observing their humans turn the faucet on and off, you’ll agree that these guys are brilliant. They often try their luck by copying their humans, learning to turn the tap on so they can play in the water! Monkey see, monkey do.

No wonder Maine Coons are one of the easiest and quickest cats to train due to their intelligence. Next time you wash your hands, you may want to have second thoughts about letting your cat watch you!

Rough Tongues

We all know cats have rough tongues; however, the Maine Coon takes this to an entirely new level. It will feel like premium-grade sandpaper when your Maine Coon tries to lick you.

The tongue of a cat is used for grooming its coat, stripping meat off the bones of its prey, and also encompasses 473 taste buds. The taste buds have four basic tastes: sweet, salty, bitter and sour. So if your feline friend seems to enjoy ice cream (like one of mine does), she probably enjoys the fat more than the sugar.

facts about maine coon cats they have rough tongues
Maine COon Tongue

How long is a Maine Coon cat’s tail?

These big cats certainly have beautiful and long tails to match. Without a doubt, you may mistake their tails for feather dusters or even for a raccoon’s tail. The average length of a Maine Coon tail is approximately 18 inches long, and this breed’s longest recorded tail is 24 inches long. For size comparison, that’s the same size as some TVs in height.

How big can they get?

Maine Coons are LARGE in size. They can be up to 8kg heavier than the average domestic cat. You’ll often wonder if you bought a dog instead, especially with its dog-like personality.

So, how large can these cats actually get?

A fully grown Maine Coon cat can range above 10″ -16″ tall, weighing 9-20 pounds. In 2010, the Guinness World Records accepted a grey tabby Maine Coon called Stewie as the world’s “Longest Cat,” measuring out to be 48.5in (123cm) from the end of his tail to the end of his nose. Now, that is one big cat.

How High Can a Maine Coon jump?

How high can a Maine Coon jump, you ask? Known for their excellent leaping skills despite their enormous size, these cats can leap as high as 8 feet in the air. They have muscular frames and strong legs, owing to their excellent jumping ability.

Long whiskers!

With such a big cat, you’ll expect supersized proportions too. The Maine Coon cat has the longest whiskers of any other cat breed, and they have been measured to be up to 6.5 inches. This accommodates their large bodies as these whiskers can help with spatial assessment, helping the cat determine whether it can fit through an opening.

maine coon yawning with extra long whiskers
Maine COon Whiskers – the Longest int he Cat Fancy

Ruff hair day?

It is well-known that Maine Coons sport a lion-like mane around their necks. Not many other cat breeds possess this mane quality, and it is a very distinguishable trait for a Maine Coon.

Due to the neck carrying vital blood flow to the head, the blood must be at body temperature to help the brain function. Thus this mane probably has developed to help these cats keep their head warm in colder climates. Additionally, these manes can make them look larger than they actually are, helping to deter attacks from wild animals.

Maine Coons produce less Fel d1 Protein.

Although Maine coons are not hypoallergenic cats, they tend to be better than most cat breeds for people with sensitive noses. This comes down to a protein called “Fed d1,” which is less present in big, long-haired cats like Maine Coons. The “Fed d1” is the biggest reason people have an allergic reaction to cats; this protein is found in their saliva. Cats would lick themselves clean, spreading this protein which causes people to flare up.

Maine Coons instead of Children

A popular trend has emerged which involves having multiple cats instead of human children. This phenomenon is sweeping the nation, and with great justification. When you start comparing the facts about the differences, you too might decide that a kitten is a better choice.

You Can Leash Train a Maine Coon

Maine Coons are known for loving to be outside on walks with their owners. For the safety of the cat, it’s best to leash train your Maine Coon starting at a very young age. This will allow you to take your kitty on car trips, hiking trips, and travel with you as your companion.


There we have it! Some interesting facts about the unique and charming Maine Coon cats that go beyond the basics. There is a lot more to Maine Coons than to what meets the eye, and hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of this gentle giant breed.

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