when do maine coon kittens get their mane

Are you wondering when do Maine Coon kittens get their mane? One of the most beautiful and desirable Maine Coon Characteristics is the big mane that resembles a lion. Some of the most beautiful cats you’ll see have big luxurious manes around their neck. They can vary in different lengths and thicknesses.

The age of which your Maine Coon kitten gets their mane will depend on several different factors .Some of them take a very long time to develop their long thick coats. Let’s have a look at some of the things to know about Maine Coon coat development.

Maine Coon Coat Development

Maine Coon coat development is different for each cat. Much of the Maine Coon coat development is linked to genetics. If one of the parents is a “slow to mature” bloodline, then they likely won’t get their mane until they’re 3 to 4 years old. You can typically look at photographs of the parents of your kitten and see what type of mane your kitten will inherit.

In the summer, Maine Coons will lose their heavy undercoat. This is referred to as “blowing their coat”. They will always grow it back in preparation of a cold winter. Queens/ nursing mothers can also blow their coats while they’re raising a litter of kittens.

During these times, the mane won’t be as apparent as it is when they’re wearing their winter outfit.

On average, your Maine Coon kitten will begin to get its adult coat at around 7 months of age. You may notice the texture and even the color begin to change once this transformation starts to take place.A round the age of 9 months old, you should start to see the mane develop. It may be just slightly visible at first. Over time, the mane will grow long and thick until eventually your Maine Coon will have a full necklace around his head.

Grown Maine Coon Ruff

The Maine Coon cat is very slow to mature, so you may be wondering if your cat is ever going to get it’s mane. Don’t worry. If you have a Pedigree Maine Coon cat (here’s how to tell), then you can expect nothing less than to see the famous mane in all its glory.

Here are some photographs of kittens at different stages of kitten life, next to their photos as older kittens. You’ll be able to see the difference in the appearance of the kitten with its’ baby coat versus the adult coat.

Grooming the Mane of a Maine Coon

The mane isn’t the most common area to get tangled, but it certainly can. You’ll notice your cat using much longer strokes with his tongue as the mane develops.He’ll seemingly be stretching his tongue out for miles to try to clean to the very tips of his luxurious locks.

It’s nice to help him out by using a stainless steel comb and do a daily comb through his coat. Removing the tangles will help prevent his fur from matting. Be sure to check out more grooming tips for your Maine Coon cat to help keep the coat is top shape.

The next time you’re wondering “when do Maine coon kittens get their mane“, now you’ll know! Read some other Interesting Facts about Maine Coon cats.

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