big maine coon

OMG! That’s a Huge Maine Coon

If size is utterly important to you, please read this article!! Also, check out some photographs that may shock you.

maine coon lifespan

Maine Coon Lifespan

Maine Coon Lifespan: The Journey of a Maine Coon cat When we hear ‘Winter is Coming,’ one of the cat breeds that would never have been bothered about that one bit is the Maine Coon. A single look at these cats and you would know that they came dressed for the occasion already.  It is …

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The Truth About Feline Herpes Virus:FHV-1

What is Feline Herpes? Just like humans, cats are exposed to the herpes virus. For cats, this is called feline herpes, or FHV-1. Feline herpes is a very common upper respiratory infection in cats and kittens alike. It is estimated that as many as 80 to 90 percent of cats to have feline herpes-1, also called feline rhinotracheitis virus. Some cats who become infected …

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pyometra in cats

Pyometra in Cats: The Mystery of the Uterine Infection

If you’re wondering what pyometra in cats is and how to prevent pyometra in cats, this article should help you. I did this research to publish this information for anyone who may be inquiring about pyometra. I recently had to spay a young 9-month-old (very promising Queen) female due to open pyometra. This was my …

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